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  • Unique booking service

    Do you need to book a driving test in Ontario? Unique booking service for G2 and G Driving Test Only with us you can: Choose a DriveTest Centre Choose a day during the week Choose a time slot Do not take chances, do not waste your time book a driving test now.

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  • Get a DUI Recently?

    Do you need a DUI/DWI Lawyer? http://www.drivetestbooking.com/ - is a part of specialized network of TEN + Websites and TWO Lawyer directories that are market-oriented for clients who have been charged with DUI/ DWI and Criminal charges in Canada and the United States. Check for Top DUI Lawyers here.

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  • Video Lessons

    Ontario driving test Exam Routes. Plan to book your driving test? Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to pass your driving test.

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  • G2 or G. We book them both!

    Chose any location in Toronto or Ontario, choose a day during the week, choose a time slot during the day, fill up the registration form and get your Ontario driver's license during next 2 - 14 days

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  • Whats Clients Say about our service

    "...The best instructor if not to say more… Helped me to get back my license, helped to gain again my self-respect and respect of my family and friends...

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  • Rent a vehicle with Ignition Interlock device

    Do you need to book driving test? To book driving test in Toronto contact our company now. We have specials every week. All you need is to choose the day and fill up a form on our website. Your driving test we`ll book after 2-3 days..

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Special Offers

Road Test Booking. $10.00 OFF! We offer $10.00 discount for January and February 2021 booking service if you order during November

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To Book a Driving Lessons in car with Ignition Interlock Call : (866) 954-2420

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