Impaired driving in Ontario

Impaired driving in Ontario What is impaired driving? Learn about Ontario’s impaired driving laws, ignition interlock and the penalties you could face if you drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs. Impaired driving means operating a vehicle (including cars, trucks, boats, snowmobiles and off-road Read More →

Cost of an ignition interlock device after DUI in Ontario

Cost of an ignition interlock device¬†after DUI in Ontario Drivers subject to an ignition interlock condition and Ignition Interlock installation are responsible for all installation and maintenance costs for the device. The service provider will provide related information, including fees Read More →

Penalties for DUI in Ontario

Penalties for DUI in Ontario When you have an ignition interlock device installed by the service provider, you are required to sign a participant agreement acknowledging the terms and conditions of the installation. If you operate a vehicle in violation Read More →

Removing the Ignition Interlock condition in Ontario

Removing the Ignition Interlock condition You need to apply to the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) to have the condition removed from your licence. The ministry will mail you an application form 15¬†days before your condition removal date. You can also Read More →

Ignition interlock condition

Ignition interlock condition If you have been convicted of an impaired or drinking and driving-related offence under the Criminal Code, you will be eligible to have your driver’s licence reinstated after you serve all the provincial sanctions, including serving a Read More →
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