Road Test in a car with Ignition Interlock

We know you’re looking forward to getting your driver’s license! Before you head out on your road test here’s some helpful information on what to expect.

What you have to know to pass your  test

  • As you head out to the car with your examiner, feel free to ask them, any questions you might have. They’ll be happy to answer them, but once the test starts they won’t say too much. This is to help you concentrate on your driving.
  • You’ll be asked to complete a simple pre – trip safety check of your vehicle, as you learned in your G1 preparation book for Drivers.
  • Consider the road test as an opportunity to show your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.
  • You’ll be told at the start of your test what you’ll need to demonstrate
  • You’ll never be asked to do anything illegal, and your examiner will not try to trick you.
  • Remember to to obey all traffic signs, traffic laws, and road markings.
  • You’ll be given plenty of warning for turns, so if your examiner doesn’t tell you to turn, just continue following the road you’re on.
  • Any time you need to clarify directions or  other instructions, just ask! But remember that the examiner can”t assist with your driving decision

Where do you want to pass your  test ?

  • It does not matter what kind of license do you need. On G2 and G license just as well as for those who need to take road test with ignition Interlock device we book a road test  in a small and quiet town out of busy city roads with no Highway around.
  • There is three traffic lights in the entire town and there is one road with two lanes.
  • We come to this city for a long time before your road test and drive there for as long as necessary, so that you will drive there with your eyes closed.

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