Ignition interlock for rad testQuick road test in Toronto. Toronto car with ignition interlock for driving test.

How  the ignition interlock devices work?

There are several companies that design and install ignition interlock devices. These devices are designed to keep people who have been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) from starting their vehicle after they have consumed alcohol.

Ignition Interlock

The Ignition Interlock is a breath-alcohol measuring instrument with a vehicle immobilizer. After taking a breath alcohol measurement, it prohibits a driver who has consumed alcohol from starting the motor. By installing an Interlock, you can avoid accidents caused by alcohol consumption. Additionally, long-term changes in the drinking attitude may be an added benefit.


The Ignition Interlock comprises two main components: the breath-alcohol measuring instrument with the measuring system, which is situated inside the vehicle, and the control unit which is generally installed under the dashboard and allows or prevents current being supplied to the vehicle’s starter system.

Data storage

While the vehicle is in use, all relevant events are recorded in the Interlock data log: date, time, submission of or refusal to submit a breath sample, measured alcohol concentration, engine starts and stops, electrical bypassing of the Interlock and any other attempts to tamper with the device. The data can be downloaded and compiled in a data record.


When the ignition is switched on, the Interlock Device requests a breath sample from the driver. The result of the breath-alcohol concentration measurement determines whether the vehicle’s starter is released and the engine can be started.

Measuring technique

The Ignition Interlock Device determines the breath alcohol concentration by means of an electrochemical sensor system, as it is used also in breath-alcohol measuring instruments of police authorities. It reacts with high specificity to alcohol. As a result, other exhaled substances do not distort the measurement result.

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