“ Dear John – you just cannot imagine how much you have helped me and how much of my time and money you have saved. The question and answers with a demonstration in the car with Breathalyzer was the best way to teach me how to use the Device and how to prepare for the Driving Test. My 4 years of TTC are finally over. Back on the road again! I will definitely recommend you to anyone! God bless you!”
Nancy K., Mississauga

“John`s lessons helped me to get how the Breathalyzer Device works. All his explanations were so straightforward and clear. It was easy and really fun to drive Paul’s car with the Approved Ignition Interlock Device and to watch how he uses the Ignition Interlock.
On the test, I felt like John was sitting next to me helping me to drive. Due to his terrific lessons with Breathalyzer before the test I was able to overcome finally all my fears and worries and passed my G2 driving test on the first attempt.”
Alex Chesnyuk. Brampton

“Dear John, it is impossible to express really how much I am thankful to you. Those few hours of driving with you and studying how the Ignition Interlock Device works really saved me months of time and lots of money. Your lessons helped me to easily catch all the essential information and to pass my G2 and G exams on the first attempt! You are an excellent instructor, and your prices are very reasonable. No doubts that your skills and attitude worth the money that I’ve paid. Keep doing your excellent job! Thanks again!”

Jason Costanza, Toronto

” Dear John,
I don’t have enough words to tell you how much I appreciate your help. I could not even think what kind of experience I’d have to go through with this Breathalyzer Test. I was on the road since I was 16 and these 3 years without the license were really a nightmare. And I would never get my license again if not you despite my life-long driving experience. This device is so tricky; you really have to know all the details before taking a test in a car with it. And this is you who made it so clear and understandable. Thank you for your skills and knowledge, thank you for your patience (I know I was not a very easy student), for your tremendous support and encouragement and thank you for I am back on the road again. Wishing you every success in your business!”

Maria Da Costa, Oakville.

“…The best instructor if not to say more… Helped me to get back my license, helped to gain again my self-respect and respect of my family and friends.  If not this lessons I would not pass the road test in a car with Interlock Device – never. You think it is easy, but once you see what it takes indeed  – the price you pay for the preparation looks like next to nothing; worth every single penny that you’ve spent.
Thank you Paul, you are special… Best of luck to you with your job!”

Tony Morelli, Woodbridge.

“Paul is a fantastic instructor. You feel 100% confident and safe on the test after his lessons. His easy-to-learn method is ideal to teach you all the skills you need to pass this tricky test with Ignition Interlock Device. He has great patience for his students; is always friendly and with a terrific attitude.”

Trisha McCormick, Burlington

” Thanks Paul for your great part in helping me pass my Test in your car with Ignition Interlock Device from the first attempt. You probably remember how much I worried and how nervous I was about this test, but your patience and exceptional teaching skills eliminated all my fears and worries. I would definitely recommend you as an Instructor to anyone who happened to be in the same situation as I was.”

Mike Lee, Toronto


“John is a top-class instructor. He gives you thorough and practical explanations and advice. I would highly recommend the You’ll Pass Driving Centre to anyone who needs to take a road test in the car with Ignition Interlock Device. No matter how nervous you are before the test the lessons with Paul build your confidence very quickly. I passed my test on the first attempt thanks to all his tips. At first, I was overwhelmed by all the details I needed to learn at once. But John gave me great knowledge of the subject. I would recommend John if you want to pass your test on the first attempt because his tips and skills were the keys to me passing and getting back my license.
Thanks for getting me through the Test John and best of luck with everything in your life.”

Ed Williams, Mississauga

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